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SimpleStore has been designed with a vision to be the global eCommerce provider for the next generation of eCommerce. We provide your inventory management, order management, fulfilment automation, a powerful customisable rewards engine and multi-channel purchasing in a single back-office solution.

You can focus on growing your business while we automate your complex fulfilment operations.

Digital Agencies and Software Engineers can focus their development efforts on the front end and use our APIs to provide the back-end functionality.

Manage your suppliers and automate the fulfilment process

Target, engage and reward your customers

Consolidating all your sales channels into the one solution

Our Platform

A cloud-based platform that provides all the backend functionality required to build an eCommerce application. Businesses that use the platform can focus their development resources on the user experience and integrate with the SimpleStore platform via the API at its core to power their backend needs.


A cloud-based platform that provides all the backend functionality.


A Loyalty platform to record, assess and incentivize customer behaviour.

Free for Developers

To help accelerate your project delivery the SimpleStore platform has been designed by software engineers for software engineers. So that you have all the support that you need we are offering free access to early-stage Startups and software engineers.

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Features at a Glance

Use our platform's building blocks to design the perfect store for your business


Customize all aspects of a product, category, collections and brands


Fast, scalable cart module


Secure payment transactions through Stripe.


Manage your customers in one place and easily integrate with any preferred CRM platform


Robust pricing engine to carefully tune product prices


Manage and monitor orders with dedicated analytical reporting and dashboard.


Capture customer events such as registration, unsubscribe, accessing a page, completion of surveys or game, purchase on eCommerce shopping carts or online transactions.


Target customers' behavior using a range of parameters relating to their current and past activity, be it time, value, frequency, repeat business or your own custom parameters.


Reward customers for their behavior. Score activity and reward points, rebates or discounts. Add customers to lists for specific offers. Export lists for targetted campaigns. Send SMS's or Emails. Initiate events on your own platform.

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