Products Details


Using our Product Information Management (PIM) solution you will have a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalogue, and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels.

The Catalogue is a space where you can showcase your products in various categories and sub-categories. It will provide detailed information about the product.


The shopping cart functionality required for an eCommerce application is exposed by SimpleStore via the APIs. All functionality required from shopping cart functionality is contained within the APIs and can be utilised by any front end application. The cart stores the products chosen by your customer and consolidates the selected products prior to the customer going through to the payment process.


Accept payments securely and in real-time via our partner payment providers. SimpleStore has partnered up with some of the leading payment providers that have a focus on fraud protection without sacrificing the best payment experience for your customers. The SimpleStore team will continue to review the market for emerging payment providers to ensure that our clients are on the very leading edge of payments.

Customer Management

Keep track of your customers from all sales channels in the one location. Manage all your customers via the customer management console and allow your customers to review their purchase history across all sales channels.


The process of Product Pricing is a vital part of e-Commerce, and SimpleStore helps in creating a pricing model for all the products that are part of your catalogues. The pricing engine helps to create the right pricing model for all the products and their categories. The pricing module provides the functionality to suite a number of pricing strategies. For each product, multiple prices can be set and prioritised via the product pricing interface.

Order Management

With the order management interface and APIs provided by SimpleStore, you can build the functionality to simplify the process of efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders. The features exposed via the APIs bundled in with the order management interface will provide the tools to deliver the functionality to manage the cycle of people, processes, and suppliers that you need to create a positive experience for your customers. The order management process starts when a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled

Loyalty via Tallymarks

The Loyalty functionality available on SimpleStore is powered by the Tallymarks platform. The loyalty functionality is available by default to every client on the SImpleStore platform and provides businesses at all levels with access to powerful functionality to record, assess and incentivize customer behaviour. Functionality usually reserved for large enterprises is available by default to businesses at all levels on the SimpleStore platform. We provide the tools to support the creation of innovative products that reward your customers and grow your business.


Targeting the right customers to increase sales is a crucial part of marketing. SimpleStore helps focus on customer behaviour using a range of parameters relating to their current and past activity. Be it time, value, frequency, repeat business or your own custom parameters. The customer targeting package, which is a part of the loyalty and rewards functionality, helps in providing access to the tools that can be utilised to help achieve your marketing goals.


Rewards help in creating an interactive process to engage the customer in innovative ways and build brand loyalty.

Rules Engine

The rules engines in the Loyalty feature helps in creating rules for customers that can help you generate the right events to increase turnover and sales. It can generate points for customers which can, in turn, be exchanged for rewards in the near future.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations play a unique role in the SimpleStore ecosystem. As the platform evolves SimpleStore will integrate with even more third-party platforms and service providers. Please reach out via our contact us page is you wish to discuss integrating with a particular provider that is not yet supported.