A Platform for Digital Agencies to Accelerate their Development

Are you looking for a platform to speed up delivery of customised eCommerce solutions?

The SimpleStore team wanted a solution which we could use to deliver customised websites for our clients without the need to rebuild entire solutions for different client requests.

The solutions available on the market did not provided the flexibility to service different types of requests. To overcome this challenge we at SimpleStore have built our own platform which we use to deliver customised eCommerce solutions.

We have now made this platform accessible for all via a free sign-up for development and a small subscription fee for each business that goes live on the platform.

Agencies only need to integrate their customised front-end design into the SimpleStore APIs.

Sign-up for Free

Why SimpleStore?

What you get on sign-up:
  • Access to all platform features via APIs
  • Access to our admin portal including the PIM.
  • Boiler plate code to kick start your front end build.
  • Support for your first project to ensure successful delivery and then ongoing support via our slack channel for future builds.
Some benefit
  • Time and cost to build is reduced
  • Best practice back-end architecture ready to go
  • All solutions built to scale.
  • Superior performance.
  • Security.
  • SimpleStore Partnership
Features on Sign-up

Immediate access to the following features

Start building today using the SimpleStore features. Let us manage the back-end while you focus on delivering the customer experience.


Customize all aspects of a product, category, collections and brands


Fast, scalable cart module


Secure payment transactions through Stripe.


Manage your customers in one place and easily integrate with any preferred CRM platform


Robust pricing engine to carefully tune product prices


Manage and monitor orders with dedicated analytical reporting and dashboard.


Capture customer events such as registration, unsubscribe, accessing a page, completion of surveys or game, purchase on eCommerce shopping carts or online transactions.


Target customers' behavior using a range of parameters relating to their current and past activity, be it time, value, frequency, repeat business or your own custom parameters.


Reward customers for their behavior. Score activity and reward points, rebates or discounts. Add customers to lists for specific offers. Export lists for targetted campaigns. Send SMS's or Emails. Initiate events on your own platform.

Immediate support on sign-up

Our development team will work with you to ensure success. Please reach out using the links below.


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