Platform Migration

We can help you migrate from another eCommerce platform to accelerate your launch on SimpleStore. The SimpleStore team will actively work with you to find the best solution for your store.

A representative from our platform migration team will work hand-in-hand with you to model a product catalogue and implement the store integration. Please reach out to us for a chat so see how we can help.

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How it works

The steps required for you to successfully migrate your data on to the SimpleStore platform, or any platform for that matter depends on what approach you choose to take for data migration. You can chose to complete the go-live data migration activities in either a ‘big-bang’ or phased approach. With the phased approach the steps outlined will be more iterative.

Step 1


Contact us and we will setup a meeting to discuss what your looking to achieve.

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Step 2


In this step we need to analyst the source system and map out where the data will reside in the SimpleStore platform. We will also work with you to identity the best front end solution for your needs and work out additional build effort (all depending on level of customisation).

Step 3

Extracting the data

The data extraction may be done by the technical team or your team depending on what data extraction your current platform supports.

Step 4


Our technical teams will import your data into the SimpleStore platform test environment ready for you to verify.

Step 5

verifying the data:

Your product setup team will need to be available at this point to review the data in our PIM and compare it to the display on the website.

Step 6


We'll work with you to ensure a smooth go-live.

Why Headless platform?

A solution that provides you the agility to grow and change as your business grows and to continuously improve on the customer experience.

SimpleStore is the solution to consider when you are:

  1. Looking for a new CMS or DXP
  2. Planning a move to a headless architecture
  3. Considering a technology refresh
  4. Redesigning your website

Please contact us to understand more on how SimpleStore can help you migrate off your existing platform and deliver a superior customer experience.

Support to Migrate from Shopfity and Adobe Business Catalyst

SimpleStore allows you to have full control over your website. As you own the code for your front end you have the power to customise it as much as you’d like. You can create the exact store you want without limitations.

Migrate from Shopify

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Migrate from Business Catalyst

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