Instant Social Selling

a plug-and-play solution enabling your business to become an eCommerce business instantly!

Get Started

Following these simple steps and within as little as 20 minutes, you can start selling your products on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Step 1

Open a SimpleStore account

SimpleStore helps you manage product information, images, orders and customers.

A single control panel that will manage your online eCommerce business.

Open SimpleStore Account

Step 2

Connect your Stripe account

Stripe provides payment solutions to eCommerce businesses.

This video shows how to connect your Stripe account with SimpleStore

If you don't have a Stripe account, click on the link below to open an account with Stripe.

Open Stripe Account

Step 3

Setup Your First Product

Product setup is very easy and simple with SimpleStore.

This video will show the steps required to setup a product ready to sell on QuickBuy.

Step 4

Ready to Sell

You are one step away from accepting orders.

In this video, we will discuss how to generate your QuickBuy URL and how to update your branding details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to use QuickBuy?

No! QuickBuy is a feature of SimpleStore. As long as you have an active subscription with us, you can use QuickBuy.

Please see our Pricing page for more details.

Where can I share the link?

You can share your QuickBuy link anywhere that allows you to post a link. You can place it in most social profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages and even in YouTube video descriptions.

How do I know QuickBuy is safe?

QuickBuy does not handle any payment transactions. All payments are processed by Stripe payment platform. Also, all communication between your customers and QuickBuy is secured by SSL encryption.

Do you need some help?

We are here to help you in answering any questions you might have.

You can: