September 2020 Release


Earlier today, we have published an update to SimpleStore platform.

In this release, we focused on 2 major features and boost to performance.

The features are:

  • Discounts and Promotions.
  • Product Variance

Discount and Promotions Now you can create coupon codes and vouchers. Share them with your network and customers to apply them during the cart checkout process. also, with Promotions, you can create a template in which you could issue coupons and vouchers automatically and send them to your customers.

Product Variance This is a feature that will allow you to create multiple variances to a product. Example, if you are selling t-shirts, now you can have size and colour as variances and track inventory to the individual variance. Here is a summary of other improvements made to the platform:

  • on the product edit screen, now you can move between items without going back to the product list.
  • have the ability to clone a product
  • display products affected by a special
  • show the special applied to the product price
  • easily switch between multiple subscriptions
  • ability to search orders
  • display discount details applied to an order
  • list all the claims for coupons, vouchers and promotions
  • many UX improvements to the control panel
  • improved backend performance

I would like to thank the team for doing such an awesome job making this release possible.

Our immediate plans are:

  • further UX improvements helping agencies manage multiple clients
  • publish a comprehensive developer boilerplate to speed up the development of eCommerce website

Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.